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Not Every MAN Is A Lumberjack.  Not Every Man Smells Like A Campfire.  You Can Be A Geek And Be Just a "REAL MAN" All The Same!

Geek Grooming came from a very simple concept.  We three friends were sitting around one day, drinking bourbon and playing video games and we asked ourselves a question....

Why do we have to smell like cedar, pine cones or a campfire in order to get awesome high quality products to groom with?  Why can't we smell like our favorite heroes instead of just a random lumberjack?

Justin, one of our "THREE AMIGOS" partnership already is creating AWESOME men's grooming products!  His company "The Bearded Man" has been making handcrafted grooming products with the highest of standards for years.  Elliot and Thompson both had bought his products to support their friend and also bought soaps and grooming products from other companies but always found themselves settling for scents that they didn't full identify with.  

We decided then and there to produce a line of products with a different profile, a different idea, a different mission...

     With our initial product launch we are starting with 5 scent options, scents themed around easily identifiable characters we all know and love.  After Kickstarter we intend to expand to more scents (we have TONS of ideas) including scents themed around Ghostbusters, More X-Men, Specific Harry Potter Characters/Houses, Back To The Future, Dr. Who and more! We also will launch products aimed at you Geeky Ladies too after the initial launch!  We also want to give back to our community by working with local charities and homeless shelters.  

      We have worked TIRELESSLY over the past 3 months! Building production, testing with our local market and geeky friends, perfecting our recipes/scents, and gearing up for a completely amazing and custom experience for EACH and EVERY customer! Now it's ready for YOU! Take advantage if all our hard work now, and help us take this endeavor to the next level! You'll be rewarded with DEEP discounts and founding member perks.  We'll be able to confidently deliver on our promise of great products and even better service! We can't do it without you! 

Risks and challenges

Already established making high quality grooming products we think the bigger challenge is finding unique, fun, geeky themed scents that cater to the right fandoms! There are SO MANY awesome things to Geek about and we want to represent all of you! We will do our best to keep adding new scents and concepts in addition to a planned future line of products including women's products!

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Environmental commitments

Sustainable materials

Since the first WORLD WAR, BIG SOAP wanted to make soap cheaper and faster so they took all the natural ingredients out of what we put on our skin. We were forced to settle for products that dried out our skin and smelled like a chemical factory. Our products are ALL natural. We use nothing but healthy natural ingredients or personally hand made extracted scents and otherwise to give you a high quality product that will never dry you out and isn't hurting the environment

Sustainable Distribution

We make everything in house using all natural materials. We don't have to deal with any outside fulfillment meaning that not only do we maintain COMPLETE quality control but you can be confident your purchase is 100% crafted with love and passion in the United States! You are helping support small business, providing jobs to amazing people AND helping us give back to the community!

Something else

On top of our commitment to make everything in house, by hand and using only safe, natural materials we ALSO are committed to giving back! Every purchase made through us will put a bar of soap, or shampoo, or more to homeless shelters. Past this we intend to publicly donate a portion of our proceeds each quarter to charity. We just want to make awesome products for people like us and be able to give back to our world at the same time.

Visit our Environmental Resources Center to learn how Kickstarter encourages sustainable practices.

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