Our SOAPonaceous Mission

A fair bit ago, in a galaxy closer than expected.. a team of geeks conjectured What If . . . ?

What If . . . 
a geek could choose a scent in which to bath that was unique and unlike any other. 

What If . . . 
a geek could giggle each morning as they washed and groomed instead of just starting their day like an average cup 'o Joe?

What If . . . 
someone created the perfect crossover and/or guest appearance of beloved themes and married it with getting clean?

What If . . . 
this wasn't just a What If back issue, What If it was a REALITY?

Enter SOAPonaceous

Derived from the minds of a team of forty-somethings who, generally, behave as though they are a team of tweens and armed with the ability to uncover strange words from within the deep recesses of an old dictionary . . . they discovered a word of unique and special spelling and sound.  A word that rolls off the tongue almost a easily as the pronunciation of Thor's legendary hammer, Mjölnir.

sap · ​o · ​na · ​ceous |  { sa - pə -ˈnā - shəs }

resembling or having the qualities of soap

Finally truly innovative idea in a multiverse of retold origin stories, sub-standard sequels and under-dressed female heroes and villains—


a product that resembles and has the qualities of soap, but is super-powered, techno-charged and magically delightful!

It's like soap, only better!

We make amazing, colorful, high-quality, and all-natural products, scents, and themes for the true geek. 

These aren't the scents that they think we should smell like, but the scents we always wanted to smell like; bringing an olfactory addition to the motion picture, sequential art or television experience.

Scents inspired by the Empire-fighting, Artifact-digging, Ghost-busting, Demon-hunting, Boldly-going, Magic-casting characters we love to love.

Real Heroes Help Others

That wasn't enough for us though.  True heroes help others and we ultimately we want to be heroes just like them. To that end, every time you buy a bar of soap from SOAPonaceous, we Geeks will donate one bar to the charity. That's right. You become a hero just by buying SOAPonceous, each and every time.  

The Most Powerful of Heroes Help Other Heroes

Did you say there was even more?!  As if all that wasn't enough, we recognize the sacrifices of the real life heroes of our world today, now more than ever.  To help them stay geek clean we always have discounts for Military, First Responder, and Front Line Healthcare workers who want to get the SOAP on!

What the Hell Are You Waiting For?

If you're not convinced after all of this, then go grab that free motel bar you stole and get to work on your pits.  But if you, like us, are inspired and want to get geek clean, start taking care of your body, smell like your heroes and want to contribute, even a little bit, to making this crazy round ball we call Earth a better place head into our store get your SOAP on!  

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