Do You Have Discounts for Military, First Responders and Healthcare Workers?
  • Absolutely, just send us a quick note and share with us a fragment of evidence around your daily heroics and we will provide you the secret word to unlock our personal thanks to you. 
Do You Guys Offer Free Shipping?
  • Absolutely, just add 50 bucks worth of goodies to your cart and you're on your way to free shipping!
Do You Have a Return Policy?
  • Absolutely, and that policy is to make every Geek and Clean and Happy Geek.  If you don't like something you got from us or don't think its geeky enough, just let us know at customerservice@SOAPonaceous.com and we will do everything we can to make it all better!
Can I Get Geeky In My Store?
  • Absolutely, just reach out to us at wholesale@SOAPonaceous.com and we will get the ball rolling on your store or chain bursting with clean geeks . . . help us, help you get your customers geek clean!
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